Bio-Organic Catalyst produces a line of proprietary product compositions, based upon its unique patented broad spectrum catalytic biochemistry, that establishes an entirely new platform technology for the chemical industry. The Bio-Organic Seal of Safety is our commitment to offering the highest bio-aquatic safety on the market today. Learn more about bio-aquatic toxicity and safety studies.

All Bio-Organic Catalyst products are produced in United State and must meet the highest standards of quality. Our products are not only completely safe and non-toxic, but offer a new model for green chemistry that improves the ecological health of ecosystems.

Bio-Organic Catalyst Applications

Bio-Organic Catalyst offers substantial operational optimization in aquaculture, agriculture, biological film growth, mineralization, and hydrocarbon remediation applications.


Why Bio-Organic Catalyst?

Bio-Organic Catalyst, Inc. is bringing about a fundamental transformation in the advanced purification of our water resources and the cleaning arts. The key attribute of Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc.’s BOCs is their ability to cause an immediate catalytic breakdown of the molecular structures of organic contaminates. BOCs have been perfected over many years of extensive research and applications’ development based upon the Bio-Organic Catalyst Inc.’s patented composition formulations.

Bio-Organic Catalyst ® :

  • Establish the conditions for rapid oxygen penetration into the cell wall of the microorganisms.
  • Increase the volume of biogas yields in anaerobic digestion system through increased solubilization of components of waste stream.
  • Provide highly enriched bio-available nutrients required for optimizing biological transformation of organic pollutants.
  • Significantly enhance the reduction of discharges in wastewater treatment facilities.
  • Degrade biological film growth, improving healthcare safety, reducing contamination and corrosion.
  • Degrade mineralization within tanks, pipes and filters.
  • Cleave (hydrolysis) the molecular bonds of fats, oils and greases (FOGs) to glycerol and fatty acids.
  • Offer superior performance in eliminating noxious and hazardous (odors) volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Has the ability to substantially speed up the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).
  • Dramatically improves the microbial vitality in indigenous ecologies.

BOCs provide economically compelling benefits to environmental professionals, bringing practical and cost saving advancements to wastewater treatment, water clarification, industrial and commercial cleaning.



Municipal and Industrial Odor Control, Acceleration of Composting Rates

  • Neutralize Odors on Contact
  • Reduce VOC Emissions (Greenhouse Gases)
  • Accelerate Composting Rates
  • Ecological Restoration

Eccomate® will instantly on contact neutralize organic volatile organic compounds, offering exceptional noxious odor control and reduction of VOC emissions. It’s a highly concentrated bio-catalytic composition designed to form highly reactive micro-bubbles within water that have extraordinary oxygen transfer capabilities across the membrane barriers of wastes.

Eccomate® can be used at extremely high dilutions within misting and spray systems, allowing adaption to every type of odor control program, including garbage trucks, conveyor belts, bio-solids dewatering, food waste processing, land fills, recycling facilities. It contains no bacteria, or active enzymes, but stimulates the vitality of indigenous microorganisms by providing substantial improvement in oxygen availability, oxygen transfer, and the release of waste components for consumption by indigenous microorganisms.


Advanced Bio-Catalytic Treatment of Solid Wastes & Sewers

  • Dissolves Fats, Oils, & Greases
  • Breaks Down Biological Film Growth
  • Eliminates Odors on Contact
  • Increases Oxygen Transfer

EcoCatalyst® is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) in septic sewage waters, break the ester bonds of organic wastes, and offer a new advanced deep-cleaning model. It will instantly on contact neutralized organic volatile compounds and transform the septic biological conditions that produce noxious odors.

EcoCatalyst® will cleave the ester bonds of lipid molecular structures, such as fats, oils, and greases, offering a deeper cleaning of substrate surfaces and will not reform downstream. It contains no bacteria, or active enzymes, but stimulates the vitality of indigenous microorganisms by providing substantial improvement in oxygen availability, oxygen transfer, and the release of waste components for consumption by indigenous microorganisms.

EcoCatalyst Green®

Advanced Deep Cleaning & Odor Control Of Fats, Oils, Greases, Soils & Hydrocarbons

  • Enhances breakdown of biological film growth, removing the residues that support septic & odorous gas formation.
  • Keeps drain lines clean and free flowing through the breakdown of biological film growth and FOGs.
  • Provides instant odor neutralization on contact.
  • Improves sanitation protocols with cleaner surfaces.
  • Dissolves mineralization in tanks and lines.

EcoCatalyst Green® is a revolutionary bio-catalytic cleaner that offers an ultra-deep cleaning of surfaces and embedded substrates with the highest green safety profile. It’s a breakthrough cleaning model that takes the cleaning of all types of wastes to a new level of performance, where the waste components are catalytically broken down in the cleaning process, leaving no residues behind on surfaces and drain lines.

The use of EcoCatalyst Green® transforms any environment, home or commercial facility, to the most amazingly clean and odor-free state, far surpassing any other cleaning solutions available on the market. It’s unique in its ability to change the underlying conditions that produce septic and biological film growth on surfaces and drain lines, eliminating the biological factors that cause unhealthy residues that support pathogen growth and drain line blockages.


Optimization of Wastewater Treatment Biological Processes

  • Improves Oxygen Transfer
  • Increases Yields of Methane in Anaerobic Digestion
  • Reduces Aeration Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Solids and Sludge Volumes

EcoSystem Plus® is a breakthrough bio-catalytic composition designed to increase dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the water column and break the ester bonds of organic wastes. It will improve the biological oxidation-reduction rates of wastewater treatment systems, improve the quality of discharges, and substantially reduce H2S odor levels.

EcoSystem Plus® will improve anaerobic digestion bio-methane yields and quality of bio-solids through releasing the power of bio-catalytic breaking of molecular bonds. It contains no bacteria, or active enzymes, but stimulates the vitality of indigenous microorganisms by providing substantial improvement in oxygen availability and oxygen transfer, along with releasing the bound nutrient values in waste streams.


Surface Washing Agent: Soils, Hard Surfaces, Marine & Environmental Clean-Up

  • Breaks Molecular Bonds
  • Accelerates Remediation Rates
  • Reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Enhances Indigenous Microbiological Populations

The cleaning and remediation of petroleum hydorcarbon contaminated water and soil is a fundamental environmental challenge that impacts most industries and transportation systems. NONTOX® is a specially formulated bio-organic catalytic composition which greatly accelerates remediation rates, at very low relative costs compared to traditional remediation technologies. NONTOX® provides a superior cleaning capability when used to wash petroleum hydorcarbon based contaminants, then allows for their subsequent biological breakdown, so that the cleaning/ remediation process is combined together into a synergistic and complementary procedure. NONTOX® is a highly concentrated bio-organic catalyst composition formulated to provide instant protection from accidental hydrocarbon ignition during cleanup of petroleum spills and wastes. NONTOX® contributes oxygen to encourageindigenous microbial colonies to quickly consume and neutralize these hazardous compounds in both water and soil applications.

Benefits Include:

  • Removes up to 90% to Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in 96 hours.
  • NONTOX® formula does not require personal protective equipment to apply.
  • Provides immediate and ongoing VOC odor suppression.
  • Able to provide superior cleaning and breakdown of oil coatings and wastes.
  • Accelerates biodegredation rates of total petroleum hydrocarbons (TPH).
  • Improves the effectiveness of most other remediation technologies.
  • Treats all types of petroleum hydrocarbon contamination.
  • Helps in the precipitation of metals in wastewater discharges.
  • Can be used at extremely high dilution rates with no special equipment.
  • Reduces costs associated with soil and water remediation and clean-up.
  • Safe for Humans, Animals and Marine Life.


Bio-Catalytic Solution

  • Improves Oxygen Transfer
  • Increases Yields of Methane in Anaerobic Digestion
  • Reduces Aeration Energy Consumption
  • Reduces Solids and Sludge Volumes

Fiber-Catalyst provides extraordinary process improvements throughout the entire manufacturing cycle of fiber based products.

Fiber-Catalyst will replace, or augment, the use of traditional chemical agents, including enzymes, biocides and polymers.

Fiber-Catalyst provides superior paper quality. It dissolves slime growth on machinery and processing lines are cleaned of accumulated organics. Fiber-Catalyst® is safe, non-corrosive, and non-irritating. Fiber-Catalyst® will improve overall water quality in processing and treatment systems.


Advanced Ecological Solutions in Plant Health & Pest Management

  • Improves microbiological conditions in soil, directly impacting water percolation, root growth, and optimizing nutrient uptake to the plant.
  • Plants grow faster, generate higher yields,
  • Plants are more resistant to diseases and insect infestation.

Phyto-Catalyst’s effectiveness is built upon the powerful bio-catalytic capabilities of the BOC composition formulas. The BOC products are based on a specially designed fermentation supernatant, derived from plants and minerals, which is then blended with surface modifying compounds, into a very powerful liquid concentrate.

When introduced into water, the BOC product formulations create highly self-organized and ultra-fine micro-bubbles. These ultra-fine micro-bubbles exhibit highly energetic reactions in water, and within organic molecular structures, including soils, plants and insects. This bio-reactor platform allows an acceleration of a series of biological and chemical reactions to occur across multiple substrates.

Phyto-Catalyst is delivered at very high dilutions through any type of watering system, including hydroponics and irrigation lines, where there are additional benefits in the eradication of biofilm growth and mineralization formation. It has shown significant plant growth enhancement in a variety of studies. Phyto-Catalyst is a nutrient optimizer, a molecular oxygen enhancer, and a biological soil conditioner, that together provide a superior growth environment and maximize nutrient availability.

Recent studies in greenhouses with tomato plants and other vegetables have demonstrated increased survivability (100%), and increased volumes in (25 – 200%) the produce grown.

The breakdown of biological film growth and mineralization formation offers further benefits to irrigation and hydroponic type systems. It also enhances multi cellular growth that allows for strong and compact plants that leads to dense cellular growth that increases weight and size equally.


Crystal Clear Water Clarity, Pools & Spas

  • Ultra-Pure Water Clarity.
  • Dissolves Body and Suntan Oils.
  • Neutralizes Chlorine Gas Fumes (VOCs).
  • Reduces Chemical Usage.
  • Helps Prevent Scaling.
  • Saves on Maintenance Costs.
  • Keeps Filters Clean.
  • Compatible with all ozone systems, and sanitizing chemicals.

Aqua-Catalyst is a breakthrough new green chemistry that leads to a new model in water care. It works by increasing dissolved oxygen levels and rapidly catalyzing organic contaminants, resulting in absolutely crystal clear water. This extraordinary capability makes it possible to substantially reduce the use of harsh chemicals and providing the highest level of water safety.

The vital factor in creating clean, clear and ultimately, healthy bodies of water is in the complete elimination of the soluble organic contaminates within water, which virtually eliminates backwashing requirements. Aqua-Catalyst triggers the rapid catalytic breakdown of organic contaminates to create clean and clear bodies of water. Aqua-Catalyst breaks down and dissolves body oils, suntan oils/lotions, hair treatments and cosmetics in the water.

Aqua-Catalyst is applied directly into the water or added to the filter system. It will immediately break down any organic elements in the water column, prevent mineralization scaling. It will also substantially decrease the need for all other chemicals, including: scale removers, clarifiers, filter cleaners or acid washing.

Aqua-Catalysthas very synergistic characteristics that enhance water clarification and nearly all treatment systems used to purify water. BOC bio-catalytic technology works by increasing oxygen transfer rates and elevating the dissolved oxygen levels within water bodies (a key water quality measurement). This critical mechanism works in conjunction with a rapid breakdown of the organic wastes within the water column to create the highest purity in the water.

Aqua-Catalyst has shown the ability to eliminate the buildup of mineralization and biological film growth in water lines and tanks, reducing the organic waste by-products that feed pathogen growth and odorous conditions. The ability to increase dissolved oxygen levels has proven to be the key factor in the Company’s success in creating the highest water quality and clarity in the industry.

  • Reduction of sanitizing chemicals.
  • Reduction of waste by-products remaining in water column.
  • Reduction of chemical odors (VOCs).
  • Elimination of mineralization buildup.
  • Elimination of organic growth and films

For further Detailed Information - Case Studies & Analytical Reports, please contact Sahaj.